Monday, January 23, 2017

When it's spring again - NT1582, Dalgety Bay, Fife

Dawn over Downing Point
The picturesque Braefoot point oil terminal

 Numbers ticking along at a healthy rate over the weekend with an unexpected leap in springtail progress. They kept falling out of bushes and kept being identifiable, bless 'em. Long may it continue! Pogonognathellus longicornis, not pictured here, came from under a log on Friday. Most of the other additions could be considered "routine" which is fine, and the beetle list got a bit of a start with Micrambe ulicis and Pterostichus strenuus on the board. Plenty of plants only in leaf haven't been added - no rush.

Orchesella cincta

Entomobrya nivalis (redet. E.intermedia)

(edit: On submitting the record of E.nivalis it was noted that the species which keys out as nivalis in Hopkins 2007 is more than one species and the above is actually E.intermedia)

Link here:

Category Total
annelid 1
bird 32
bryozoan 2
centipede 2
chromist 6
cnidarian 1
coleoptera 3
collembola 4
conifer 1
crustacean 7
dermaptera 1
diptera 4
fern 2
flowering plant 32
fungus 23
harvestman 1
hemiptera 1
hymenoptera 1
lepidoptera 1
lichen 31
liverwort 1
mammal 1
millipede 2
mollusc 5
moss 10
spider 3


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