Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bee Orchids, Stonechats and Hoverating

After several days of wind and rain the list continues. Even the moth trap would have been a waste of time.

The highlight, nothing mega, only Bee Orchid. But the two puny specimens are a first for the monad and in a small area I regularly check for Dingy Skippers so there's no way I will have overlooked them in previous years. Also the, (my) pair of Stonechats have fledged two young

One of two pathetic specimens of Bee Orchid - but a first for the square


A pleasant day despite the wind and armed with my pooter I did my first real  bit of 'hoverating'  on the Hogweed. 

The list to date

Keith Robson
Waldridge (VC66)


  1. May have to confiscate that hoverating kit for the forseeable. Or at least until I've caught up...

  2. Seth, I wouldn't worry, raining all day today and not back in my square till Sunday, possibly even Monday. Plenty time for you to do a bit of plodging in the sea and catch up :-)

  3. My hogweed is nowhere near ready for that. 260 vascular plants! That's fantastic.

  4. Nice one Keith, I got a pooter last week. Don't know if it's me or not but they look a bit battered after I've hoovered them up!

  5. I tend to just catch a few at a time and transfer them to a pot and often straight from the plant as opposed to from the sweep net. Yesterday was very successful as it was windy so they are more reluctant to fly so I can suck them straight up.