Friday, June 2, 2017

Sand Point VC6

Been back out on the patch and again concentrating mainly on the flies. It's starting to be a diptera patch year list at the moment with total of 131 as of today. This mornings highlights were Lipara lucens and an interesting Melieria which might turn out to be M.cana. Earlier this week I had two lifers from the car park puddle; Pseudocollinella humida and Parydra coarctata and a very nice Tachinid that was in fact a Sarcophagid Pierretia nigriventris.
Butterflies are on the up with Painted Lady the most recent addition. Last years unauthorised re-introduction of Glanville Fritillary looks to have been unsuccessful so far. Even if some do emerge I don't think I will count them.
Still not run the moth trap but numbers are racking up slowly but surely. I potted an interesting micro that could be Chrysoesthia sexguttella. Waiting for the guru David Agassiz to get back to me on that one. Be a nice lifer for me if it is.

613. Eristalinus aeneus
614. Chrysotoxum elegans
615. Coriomeris denticulatus
615. Sitona lineatus
616. Thecophora atra
617. Hedgerow Cranesbill
618. Coriomeris denticulatus
619. Macrophya ribis
620. Nomada flava
621. Hedge Woundwort
622. Scathophaga furcata
623. Chlorops pumilionis
624. Dasysyrphus albostriatus
625. Urophora solstitialis
626. Anaspis maculata
627. Closterotomus norwegicus
628. Cixius nervosus
629. Microplontus campestris
630. Parydra coarctata
631. Pseudocollinella humida
632. Pierretia nigriventris
633. Painted Lady
634. Red Twin-spot Carpet
635. Bactra lancealana
636. Yellow-tail
637. Cheddar Pink
638. Corizus hyoscyami
639. Melieria picta
640. Meadow Brown
641. Homoeosoma sinuella
642. Capsus ater
643. Psychoides filicivora
644. Cantharis nigra
645. Neocoenorrhinus aequatus
646. Chrysoesthia sexguttella
647. Lipara lucens

Pseudocollinella humida

Parydra coarctata

Pierretia nigriventris


  1. Two lifers from the car park puddle! Love it :)

  2. One of the great things about PSL!

  3. I can't leave you guys alone for 5 minutes. Gawd knows how far I'll be behind after I go on holiday! Fantastic Pierretia

  4. Looks like Seth is still clocking them up but I've not added anything since. Weather hasn't been that good.