Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Skye - Remotely Interesting

Bang! 700 has been passed.

Had a quick bimble into Uig Woods between shifts and bumped into one of the house-keeping staff wandering through on her way towards the shop. "What's that pretty tree called?" she asked. Turning around I was amazed to see a large Laburnum in full blossom - just kinda standing there looking all obvious and stuff. How the heck have I missed seeing THAT? No leafmines on it (though hardly any leafmines on anything up here yet, apart from various flies in Rumex/Ranunculus/Urtica, most of which I'm unsure of) but it's new to the tally.

Subtle as a brick - yet I've missed it until now!
Number 700 was Shepherd's Purse in an overgrown layby with Corn-spurrey all around. Finally, on my way back out of the woods, I spotted this very distinctive looking sedge

Looks distinctive enough even for me to ID
This is Remote Sedge and a lifer for me. Checking the BSBI map it isn't known from the top end of Skye so I've emailed the local recorder the details.

699 - Laburnum (possibly planted?)
700 - Shepherd's Purse
701 - Corn Spurrey
702 - Remote Sedge - Lifer


  1. Well done on 700. Better get my skates on don't want you getting lonely at the top.

  2. Four plants! Excellent work, the secret botanist in you is beginning to reveal itself.

  3. Haha, you coupla piss-takers! :D

  4. Congrats. Missed this one. I assumed all laburnum's were planted. Not that I have any - better check Red Hot Poker isn't naturalised!

    1. Greater Red-hot Poker is naturalised at Portland Bill and on Scillies, how badly do you want it? ;)