Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Dalgety Bay - Barking up the right tree

So after a week in warmer climes it's back to autumn leaves and chilly air. I spent a lot of time reading the Coleopterists Handbook while I was away so that definitely coloured my activities when I got back!

The main recent batch of records came from a sycamore that keeled over during a storm earlier this year It has so far produced Rhizohagus dispar (first county record since 1853), Agathidium nigripenne (first county record), Acidota crenata and some springtails, and I still have other specimens in the bullpen.

After finding galls on beech I decided to check a nearby oak ... wait, that's a pretty pointy oak! Nuff said.

The sieve's been getting some action too. Mostly leaf litter and a bit of soil/sand, but there's a pile of woodchip I have my eye on.

(just saw Seth's updates on PSL website. No wonder he's not adding much to his Skye list! Looks like good times)

Fallen sycamore


Agathidium nigripenne

Hartigiola on beech leaves

Turkey Oak

1331 bird Falco peregrinus Peregrine Falcon
1332 coleoptera Paradromius linearis A ground beetle
1333 * insect-other Limnephilus auriculus A Caddisfly
1334 lep-moth Epiritta christyi Pale November Moth
1335 diptera Schoenomyza litorella Muscidae
1336 * diptera Caliopum aeneum Lauxanidae
1337 lep-moth Agrochola lota Red-line Quaker
1338 hemiptera Anthocoris nemorum A mirid bug
1339 bird Acanthis cabaret Lesser Redpoll
1340 * diptera Phytomyza spinaciae Agromyzidae
1341 * diptera Peplomya litura Lauxaniidae
1342 * flowering plant Quercus cerris Turkey Oak
1343 lep-moth Agrochola macilenta Yellow-line Quaker
1344 * coleoptera Xantholoma linearis A rove beetle
1345 * coleoptera Rhizophagus dispar A rhizophagid beetle
1346 * coleoptera Agathidium nigripenne A round fungus beetle
1347 * diptera Hartigiola annulipes A gall midge
1348 * coleoptera Acidota crenata A rove beetle
1349 collembola Neanura muscorum A springtail
1350 * coleoptera Anthobium atrocephalum A rove beetle


  1. Looks like some good lifers there - plus Turkey Oak!
    Hope you had a good break and yes it looks like Seth is taking an extended break.