Monday, October 22, 2018

Dalgety Bay - tiny dancers

It's been a period of small things - not least small gains. About one a day I think.

The most surprising and pleasing was the Cis pulled from Piptoporus (though I think it isn't called that any more). The fruit body was full of fresh-looking round holes so I knew there was something inside and I knew that I had read something about that something. It all gets very vague sometimes.

Anyway, according to the 2006 Nature of Fife inventory there were no species in the family recorded from Fife, though I see from NBN that one other Cis species has been recorded from 1958. Was this not known? Was it discarded as dodgy? Who knows. Anyway. Cis bilamellatus is a cracking little thing so I'm giving it all the space pictorially. This is the fourth beetle I've recorded recently which comes in comfortably under 2mm!

1356 fungus Erisyphe trifolii A fungus
1357 fungus Erisyphe ranunculi A fungus
1358 spider Pardosa amentata A wolf spider
1359 coleoptera Tachinus rufipes A rove beetle
1360 fungus Podosphaera clandestina Mildew on Hawthorn
1361 * coleoptera Ocys harpaloides A ground beetle
1362 * coleoptera Ptenidium pusillum A feather-winged beetle
1363 * coleoptera Cis bilamellatus A minute tree-fungus beetle
1364 * diptera Agromyza nana Agromyzidae


  1. I keyed my first Ptiliid the other day Ali, and it turned out to be Ptenidium pusillum, same as you above. Wouldn't have done so without your prompting.

    1. Wahey! They aren't so bad, eh? Seeing the small features is the tricky part but with a compound scope stuff like the three points on the pygidium are very easy to see. Plus they're already treated by Hackston (from the German) and Duff which is half the battle. 2000 must be any day now

  2. Been doing some other things recently so have been neglecting the square. Perhaps by the end of the weekend?

    1. I'm already devoting a fair bit of time to next year and trying to stop my local reserve from falling too far behind some guy's garden in East Anglia!

  3. Well, some guy's garden is on 1555 for the year and 2107 since moving here in Oct 2013. If I could only ID some of my more obscure flies, moths and parasitic hymenoptera it would probably jump up by about 100.