Thursday, October 18, 2018

Skye - All about the Verts

At this stage in the game I certainly didn't expect that five of the last eight additions would be birds, but that's how it's panned out. To be fair, I also have a fair selection of small stuff beaten from trees  this morning which I've yet to check (pretty sure none of them are birds though...) Spent a lot of time pishing in the woods for the YBW without success, though a late Willow Warbler was a bit of a shocker. 

No pics today, so here's the additions as a simple list:

1184* (not 1183 as mentioned last time) - Yellow-browed Warbler - was here for 2 days
1185* - Fungus - Fomitopsis betulina Birch Polypore - suddenly appeared on a Downy Birch
1186 - Bird - Fieldfare - 1 overhead
1187* - Bird - Barnacle Goose - 15 low overhead
1188* - Bird - Brambling - 1 overhead
1189 - Bird - Stonechat - 2 in a weedy field
1190* - Fungus - Stereum rugosum - loads on Hazel, scratch it and watch it 'bleed'
1191 - Fungus - Groundsel Rust - finally! Been checking since January!

(* - new for square)

Should smash 1200 pretty soon, but those three weeks spent touring southern England have massively reduced my chances of attaining the hoped for 1350 species this year. We'll see. 

Update -
1192* - Fungus - Phoma (Stagnospora) samararum on Ash key wings
1193* - Fungus - Phomopsis pterophila (Diaporthe samaricola) on Ash key seeds

Later Update -
1194* - Moth - Ectoedemia argyropeza - tenanted mines on fallen Aspen leaves

found a bunch of Aspen leaves with the rather obvious 'green islands' of Ectoedemia argyropeza in them. Turns out to be entirely new to Skye and, rather surprisingly, new to me too. I was sure I'd seen this before, must be thinking about green islands on something else. Anyway, pics - huzzah!


  1. At least someone's having luck with birds! I had my winter thrushes during the Beast from the East but surely something still in the tank I hope! Had my groundsel rust but amazingly nothing from nettles

  2. Good going with the bird additions and keep looking for the Oriole!