Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fungi time

Just completed the first week back at Thorne after my travels and it was good to see that finally the autumn fungi were starting to appear.

                                                  Fly Agaric's

Still no sign of any Waxcaps yet and perhaps the very dry summer will of had a major negative effect on them.
Also this week several species of autumn moths were new for the year and this helped push the score at Thorne to 959. This is made up from the following groups.
Mammals 11, Birds 62, Amphibians 3, Fish 1, Odonata 13, Orthoptera 7, Hemiptera 34, Butterflies 22, Moths 207, Coleoptera 33, Hymenoptera 47, Diptera 53, Insects RSO 4, Molluscs 19, Arachnids 19, Crustacea 6, Annelids 5, Plants 302, Bryophytes 24, Fungi 56, and Lichen 31.


  1. Great moth total Pete given your lack of a moth trap. Still really dry here so fungi suffering at the moment.

    1. The moth total is much better than I expected but it is all due to me properly checking the area around the four security lights each morning unlike last year.

  2. Nice going, Pete. You're going to make it with plenty headroom :)