Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Siberian Skye

I'm finally returned from three long weeks PSLing the heck outta the southern counties of Englandshire. First port of call (after bed...) was Uig Wood. And that's where I bumped into species number 1183 this morning, a simply superb Yellow-browed Warbler, pished in from the rain and wind and straight onto my 1KSQ List. 

Somehow, Skye's first Yellow-browed Warbler wasn't recorded until 2016 (2 birds) and my bird today still counts as a local Mega. No pics, I was far too busy enjoying this sprite of a bird for that (oh alright, so I couldn't digi-bin the fast-moving little bugger else I'd already have whacked up an image...)

But it's good to be back. I hope to implement some of the stuff I've recently learned now that I'm back on patch. Watch this space, guys - The Gibster is back! 

1183 - Yellow-browed Warbler (hell yeah)


  1. About time too. Nice start! Pallas's shortly, no doubt. Mine would have to call unless it (a) fell out the botto mof a sieve or (b) appeared under tree bark :D

  2. The prodigal son has returned. Mind you, I reckon a Catharus thrush is more likely than a Pallas's Warbler...

  3. Yes welcome back and congrats on the Yellow-browed

  4. Cheers chaps, I'm secretly hoping for Black and White Warbler - hopefully the adrenalin rush won't kill me on the spot! :D

    1. That's if anything makes it through the Outer Hebs and onto Skye. Bloody place is heaving with rares, Baltimore Oriole new in today FFS!