Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Horsey - autumn kicking in.

The moths, flies and fungal additions to the square all give it an autumn feel, although I've been surprised that new species are still coming in at a steady rate. I've also just ordered Ellis & Ellis, so that might increase the microfungi list in due course. With only 150 species to go before the end of the year, it does seem pretty likely that I'll pass the 2000 mark. Here are a couple of species from the garden recently.

Southern Hawker

Sargus bipunctatus ♂

1801 Lonchaea fugax Diptera Lonchaeidae
1802 Heliozela resplendella Lepidoptera:moths Alder Lift
1803 Phyllonorycter rajella Lepidoptera:moths Common Alder Midget
1804 Phyllonorycter klemannella Lepidoptera:moths Alder
1805 Cotesia glomerata Hymenoptera Wasp parasites on Large White caterpillars
1806 Sargus flavipes Diptera Yellow-legged Centurion
1807 Anoplius nigerrimus Hymenoptera Common Black Spider-wasp
1808 Agromyza pseudoreptans Diptera Agromyzidae
1809 Dryobotodes eremita Lepidoptera:moths Brindled Green
1810 Aceria pseudoplatani Arachnids Felt mite on Sycamore
1811 Phyllonorycter leucographella Lepidoptera:moths Firethorn Leaf-miner
1812 Dacrymyces stillatus Fungi Common Jellyspot
1813 Eupithecia tenuiata Lepidoptera:moths Slender Pug
1814 Dasysyrphus tricinctus Diptera Syrphidae
1815 Platycheirus granditarsus Diptera Syrphidae
1816 Baccha elongata Diptera Syrphidae
1817 Agrochola litura Lepidoptera:moths Brown-spot Pinion
1818 Stigmella microtheriella Lepidoptera:moths Leaf mine on Hazel
1819 Tholera decimalis Lepidoptera:moths Feathered Gothic
1820 Parasola leiocephala Fungi Bald Inkcap
1821 Collybia confluens Fungi Clustered Tough-shank
1822 Tricholauxania praeusta Diptera Lauxaniidae
1823 Ptychoptera scutellaris Diptera Phantom Crane Fly
1824 Erysiphe heraclei Fungi Powdery mildew on Hogweed
1825 Lasioglossum pauxillum Hymenoptera Lasioglossum - Lobe-spurred Furrow Bee
1826 Amobia signata Diptera Sarcophagidae
1827 Sargus bipunctatus Diptera Twin-spot Centurion
1828 Motacilla cinerea Birds Grey Wagtail
1829 Monilinia fructigena Fungi Brown rot on apples
1830 Ramularia rubella Fungi Purple spots on broad dock leaves
1831 Nebria brevicollis Coleoptera Carabidae
1832 Gortyna flavago Lepidoptera:moths Frosted Orange
1833 Xanthia icteritia Lepidoptera:moths The Sallow
1834 Xanthogramma pedissequum Diptera Syrphidae
1835 Arthrocladiella mougeotii Fungi Powdery mildew on Duke of A's tea plant
1836 Erysiphe urticae Fungi Powdery mildew on nettle
1837 Erysiphe polygoni Fungi Powdery mildew on Polygonum
1838 Erysiphe flexuosa Fungi Powdery mildew on chestnut
1839 Erysiphe cruciferarum Fungi Powdery mildew on Rape
1840 Amauromyza labiatarum Diptera Leafmine on Stachys sylvatica
1841 Diaporthe samaricola Fungi Spot fungus on Ash keys
1842 Quedius picipes Coleoptera Staphylinidae
1843 Eurithia consobrina Diptera Tachinidae
1844 Tipula paludosa Diptera Tipulidae
1845 Podosphaera leucotricha Fungi Powdery mildew on Malus
1846 Calliopum aeneum Diptera Lauxaniidae
1847 Omphaloscelis lunosa Lepidoptera:moths Lunar Underwing
1848 Rhizedra lutosa Lepidoptera:moths Large Wainscot
1849 Hedya salicella Lepidoptera:moths White-backed Marble
1850 Limnephilus lunatus RSO Caddis Fly


  1. Nice. And nice sunshine too! It would be hard to believe you an't make another 150 since I expect to make another 150. Especially with E&E on board.

  2. Well past 2000 I would think. And that's without any Bryrophytes!