Monday, September 24, 2018

Dalgety Bay - Psyllid bang!

In the end it didn't have much to do with psyllids but the title was stuck in my head. After a second failed attempt on the Aepus I managed at the third time of asking - on the 2nd attempt pooted one only to find the pooter open and empty when I returned home! I haven't actually figured out which of the below is a lifer yet, but there are some for sure.

It's all been going so fast recently that I'll just ride the wave and see whether I feel up to a final assault on the 1407. It feels like I probably should. I'm way, way ahead of where I thought I'd be by end of September and there's still a week to go! 


Boletina basalis

1294 fungus Nectria cinnabarina Coral Spot
1295 fungus Galerina clavata A mushroom
1296 diptera Iteomyia capreae Gall on Sallows
1297 hemiptera Pontamia peduncula Gall on Sallows
1298 diptera Pericoma fuliginosa A moth fly
1299 diptera Medetera petrophila A long-legged fly
1300 hemiptera Psyllopsis fraxini A psyllid on ash
1301 hemiptera Allygus mixtus A leaf hopper
1302 insect-other Valenzuela flavidus A bark-louse
1303 insect-other Ectopsocus petersi A bark-louse
1304 moss Dicranum scoparium A moss
1305 diptera Dasineura urticae A fly
1306 coleoptera Aepus marinus A ground beetle
1307 annelid Hediste diversicolr Estuary Ragworm
1308 diptera Boletina basalis A fungus gnat


  1. Brilliant title, works much better than 'really tiny carabid bang'! Who you kiddin' anyway, if you don't smash 1500 you have to do it all again next year....oh, but you already are :D

    Congrats on the 1300, buddy. Awesome stuff.

    1. Ta. I'm already working on next year. After two years "away" from my local reserve I visited it for brambles on Saturday (adding Tachina fera to the reserve list) and felt a tingle of anticipation.

    2. A worm! Seem to be some on these in my soil, but fear not, they're not on my list. And lots of harvetmen too, but somehow many of these are missing. What's the answer, Doc?

    3. The seals have squashed the worms. I can't be doing with earthworms, but like marine ones. As for harvestmen - pick brambles! Or else beat the living bejessus out of some gorse