Monday, September 17, 2018

Dalgety Bay - beating around the bush

With a chill in the air and Pinkfeet streaming in en masse there's a definite feel of change about. I've been trying to build up my spider list with some success (leaf litter efforts and pitfalling to commence soon) but a good side outcome has been some movement on my beetle list - square and life. Two "ladybirds" in one sweep and a couple of nice weevils. Also managed to take my harvestman list to 9 for the year, which is nearly double last year's sad total of 5. Two of them were new to me, apparently, though I'm not sure I believe that. More likely I forgot to note them.

The Anthonomus is a species I aded to the county list at a bioblitz a couple of years back, so this is the second county record. Pretty weevil.

I'm hoping to sneak up on 1300 by month end, but in reality anything above about 1275 would do. The way things went at the tail end of last week, though, I probably should be more optimistic. And I definitely, definitely should do more sweeping and beating.

(edit: I take it back on blackwalli - maybe I should have kept the voucher! NBN distribution)

Leiobunum blackwalli

Anthonomus pedicularius

Coccidula rufa and Rhyzobius litura
1249 diptera Sphaerophoria scripta A hover fly
1250 fungus Postia subcaesia A fungus
1251 * hemiptera Aphrodes bicinctus Girdled Leafhopper
1252 diptera Opomyza germinationis Opomyzidae
1253 harvestman Mitopus morio A harvestman
1254 coleoptera Anthonomus pedicularius A weevil
1255 lep-moth Arctia caja Garden Tiger
1256 diptera Bibio clavipes A bibionid fly
1257 * harvestman Leiobunum blackwalli A harvestman
1258 * coleoptera Coccidula rufa A ladybird
1259 * coleoptera Rhyzobius litura A ladybird
1260 gall mite Phyllocoptes goniothorax Hawthorn Leaf Curl


  1. Looks like blackwalli to me. Ordinarily I'd say ignore NBN and check the SRS page, but they're surprisingly similar in this instance!

    1. I used the dutch key but even on a look it appears to be have some pretty distinctive features. I do use SRS for spiders but for some reason it didn't occur to me for harvestmen

    2. The Dutch key? Is that online (and can you lob me a link if so!) or is it a book? And is any of it in English too, lol?

    3. I'll email you it. Not sure if it's online. It's an English key with no illustrations, though I'm assuming those are available in the actual Dutch book in Dutch, for Dutch speakers. Which isn't me. I don't shpeak freaky-deaky Dutch.