Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Thorne update

Now on 914 species made up as follows;
Lichens 28, Fungi 38, Bryrophytes 22, Plants 302, Molluscs 19, Annelids 5, Spiders 18, Crustacea 6, Odonata 13, Orthoptera 7, Hemiptera 34, Hymenoptera 46, Coleoptera 33, Diptera 52, Butterflies 22, Fish 1, Amphibians 3, Birds 58 and Mammals 11.

Its been a great year for Butterflies with several more species recorded than in my previous 2 years here. The most surprising has been the number of second generation Small Coppers. In previous years I have only seen the occasional singles but recently I have been seeing up to 12 in a day!
Photo of one of the Small Coppers below.

The autumns 'Fungi Fest' has not really taken off here yet, presumably due to the conditions still being relatively dry, but photo below of a Beefsteak Fungus.

Finally on the subject of Fungi I seem to have had a rarity at Thorne back in the summer. Photo below is I think of Sandy Stiltball which is given as a Red Data Book species.


  1. I think that stiltball definitely falls into the gripping category! What a corker

  2. One of only four fungi covered under Schedule 8, I believe, so you have to be very nice to it! Great record. Have you missed moths off your list, Pete?

    1. Indeed I have missed the moths. 192 of them so far.