Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dalgety Bay - Myco magic

It's that time of year and since I want to make 200 species of fungi in the square this year that's where a fair bit of effort's going. I've now overtaken last year's total even as the season's essentially just beginning. A smattering of inverts punctuate efforts, though, and a nice small session of sweeping moved my coleoptera tally closer to last year's pitiful 57 species.

Probably my last butterfly species of the year fluttered past as I discussed garage conversion with my architect neighbour. I think he was somewhat bemused that I just stopped talking because a Red Admiral flew past. People are weird. I mean him, obviously!

Hyphodontia arguta

Hyphodontia arguta

Mycena haematopus

Burgundy blood!

Helophora insignis

1215 * hymenoptera Pemphredon lugubris Mournful Wasp
1216 * fungus Dendryphion comosum A hyphomycete
1217 fungus Mycena pura A mushroom
1218 fungus Scopuloides rimosa A corticioid fungus
1219 coleoptera Stenus impressus A rove beetle
1220 fungus Mycena haematopus Burgundydrop Bonnet
1221 fungus Davidiella macrospora A fungus
1222 coleoptera Protapion trifolii Clover Seed Weevil
1223 coleoptera Psyllodes napi A flea beetle
1224 lep-moth Acleris laterana A micro moth
1225 lep-butterfly Vanessa atalanta Red admiral
1226 spider Meta segmentata A spider
1227 * diptera Cerodontha iraeos An agromyzid fly
1228 coleoptera Curtonotus aulicus A Ground beetle
1229 fungus Claviceps purpurea Ergot
1230 fungus Agaricus sylvaticus The Blushing Wood Mushroom
1231 spider Helophora insignis A Linyphiid spider
1232 fungus Hyphodontia arguta A corticioid fungus
1233 fungus Botryobasidium candicans A corticioid fungus
1234 fungus Coprinopsis atramentaria Common Inkcap


  1. A good range of fungi already and particularly liked the Burgundydrop Bonnet.

    1. Whaaaat? Not the Hyphodontia?! well, it is fairly common I suppose ...