Sunday, April 9, 2017

Aberbargoed - Amblance station field

Was hoping for more but didn't count on the amount of dog walkers out and about earlier....dogs running around everywhere.

469..Rhyzobius litura (Beetle)
470..Anthocharis cardamines – Orange-tip
471..Pararge aegeria – Speckled Wood
472..Platybunus triangularis (Harvestman)
473..Sand Martin
475..Episyrphus balteatus (Hoverfly)
476..Vespa crabro – Hornet
477..Geranium lucidum – Shinning Cranesbill
478..Allium ursinum – Ramson
479..Formica fusca (Ant)
480..Urocystis ranunculi (Smut on Creeping Buttercup)
481..Hypericum tetrapterum - Square-stalked St John's-wort
482..Viola riviniana – Common Dog Violet
483..Vicia hirsuta – Hairy Tare
484..Vicia sativa – Common Vetch
485..Luzula campestris – Field Wood-rush
486..Lophodermium seditiosum (Fungi)
487..Nabis rugosus – Common Damsel Bug
488..Anotylus rugosus (Beetle)
489..Drusilla canaliculata (Beetle)

May try the tip after dinner?


  1. Lophodermium seditiosum is one I've never heard of (but probably seen) before. Only one mature Scots Pine in my square, I shall have to check windblown branches against what Ellis & Ellis say. You're gonna smash the 500 next time you go out mate! :)

  2. Plenty to look over around here, they seem to popping up all over the shop. Got a few more to put under the scope, most seem to be Meloderma desmazierii? Also been checking them over for Pseudostypella translucens with no luck, perhaps a bit to dry? :)