Sunday, April 9, 2017

Waldridge - a bit of sun helps

A bit of sun always helps and this weekend was no exception but from -0.8C overnight on Friday with only 1 hardy Common Quaker in the moth trap to a blistering 19.7C this lunchtime.

Here's a summary of the 357 to date.

Keith Robson
Waldridge NZ2549 (VC66)


  1. Blinkin flip, could do with some warm temperatures like that up here, think we hit double figures for a few days last week but it's been crap ever since. Forecast for the next 6 days reckons 8 degrees (but feels like 3 degrees)as the warmest day of the week. Pffttt. My hymenoptera list stands at ONE so far...and butterflies? Pure myth :(

  2. Sorry, it probably won't happen again (knowing what NE England weather is like) :-/
    It was only those two days, forecast here is the same (perhaps 2-3C warmer than you are going to get).