Sunday, April 9, 2017


Things have really slowed down for me due to work commitments, with only nine species being added to the list since last update.

Looks like i may get to have some free time today though, if i can get it square bashing is another thing?

460..Osmia bicornis (Red Mason Bee)
461..Altica palustris (Beetle)
462..Amara aenea (Beetle)
463..Hydra viridissima (Hydra)
464..Spirostomum ambiguum (Protist)
Spirostomum ambiguum swarming in garden pond...old photo.

465..Attagenus pellio (Beetle)
466..Bombus lapidarius (Bee)
467..Tachyporus dispar (Beetle)
468..Pieris napi - Green Veined White


  1. Spirostomum WHAT??? Never even heard of it, lol. Up to 3mm in length, something I should keep an eye out for. What an amazing thing! :)

  2. Mad little things! Got shown some a few years back by that Howie Watkins fella, we were doing a pond dipping event. Didn't come across any for a while after that, until they turned up in my old garden pond...seem to love blanket weed.