Sunday, April 23, 2017

Aberbargoed - Graig

524..Coreus marginatus – Dock Bug
525..Puccinia urticata (Fungus)
526..Ommatoiulus sabulosus (Millipede) Looked to be under most of what i turn over, they seem to have appeared out of no where

527..Prunus avium – Wild Cherry
528..Helvella acetabulum (Fungus) Lifer...found under Hazel in small wooded area.

529..Prunus laurocerasus – Cherry Laurel
530..Phytomyza ilicis – Holly Leaf Gall
531..Rumex crispus – Curled Dock
532..Barypeithes pellucidus (Beetle) Under discarded carpet on an old bottle tip.

533..Gonioctena olivacea (Beetle) Several seen on Broom.

534..Columella aspera (Snail)
535..Entomobrya intermedia (Springtail)
536..Peyronellaea curtisii (Fungus) Lifer...Thanks for this one Seth. :)

537..Lathronympha strigana (Moth caterpillar...St Johns Wort) Several seen in spun leaf tips.


  1. Pretty interesting on the O.sabulosus. My first also last week despite turning over many, many stones (I think all the stones!)

  2. Had my first one of the year last week under stones that I've checked before. Hey, I wonder if it's just we three that check under stones or do you think others may be doing the same elsewhere? Nah, course not - just we three nutters! :)

  3. So where are they until then? Do they secure themselves away in deadwood?

  4. probably in the soil Ali. I think they take up to 2yrs to become mature? Not sure if i've come across any small immature specimens, think they have all been (or very close to) adults? I'm going to have to pay more attention.

    Can't beat a bit of stone turning lol