Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dalgety Bay Fife - Lunchtimus mirabilis

It was 50/50 whether I finally caught up with gym time or went outside at lunchtime. Fortunately I went to bed too late last night to be bothered with the gym and it was sunny into the bargain.

Headed straight for the blackthorns where I had caught and then lost a lovely tachinid yesterday, which I'm pretty certain was Paracraspedothrix montivaga, a species I have recorded in the square last year. Anyway ... First to catch my eye were Peacock butterflies chasing up and down the upper shore, before I spotted an all dark large hoverfly on the strandline. Could it be?

A swing ... and a miss. Fly escapes. Next it, or another of the same, shows up on a blackthorn flower but in a tricky spot. A swing ... and a miss. Aaaaargh!

Suddenly from the strandline a large beetle burst onto the wing and I thought I was in for my first carrion beetle of the year. But no! What the bejeesus is this?! A fantastic Creophilus maxillosus, a big furry staph of similar magnitude to the Devil's Coach Horse only all fancy-likes with a fur coat. What a beauty! This is a quick record shot and the distribution map for the species as per NBN (I happen to know it HAS been recorded in Fife). In case you don't know where I am, it's just above Edinburgh in that vast white record desert ;)

After a ten minute stalk I did manage to catch not one but two Eristalins aeneus, first for mainland Fife and a fly I've been longing to see for a long time. For completeness the pic and map for that species too.

Latest numbers:

475 Phaonia subventa A muscid fly
476 Melanostoma mellinum A hoverfly
477 Phylloscopus trochila Willow Warbler
478 Eristalinus aeneus A hoverfly
479 Creophilus maxillosus Carrion Beetle


  1. Cool hoverfly, will have to keep an eye out for that one. Love the beetle too, great find.

  2. Not seen Creophilus maxillosus for a good while, last one found in a dead horse. Perhaps i need to start baiting up my local heath with some road kill. :)

  3. I definitely plan to see if I can bait some stuff in during the summer. Have to site it where it won't get tidied up though!