Thursday, April 20, 2017


My last two jobs have been in my square. Slightly disappointed that I've not added anything to my list from these gardens....need to look harder?

513..Phrurolithus festivus (Spider)
514..Pirapion immune (Beetle)
515..Aglaostigma aucupariae (Sawfly)

516..Polydrusus tereticollis (Beetle) Found on old Bracken stem, which it blended in well with Bracken map.

517..Sminthurus viridis (Springtail)
518..Altica lythri (Beetle)
519..Ecdyonurus torrentis (Mayfly) Oddly found this one on my living room window...indoors.

520..Lepisma saccharina (Silverfish) Found in the bath

521..House Martin
522..Bombus pascuorum (Bee)
523..Human (Wayne Collins...he's wild as Whimberries)

1 comment:

  1. So, all that sneaking and you only managed to add Wayne ;) I don't think I've seen a Silverfish for maybe ten years now :(