Thursday, June 6, 2013

A late entry from TG3208

Foolishly tempted into the challenge just over a week ago, I am tackling the square where I live. TG3208 is mostly a chunk of the village of Brundall, with a few accessible hectares of wet woodland, a small patch of fen and some uninspiring arable, but close to the rich wetland habitats of the yare valley from where I am hoping a specialities will stray to pump up my species list.

So far I have collated my garden lists for the year, done a bit of botanising and started netting, potting and photographing any invertebrate I see, and have rustled up around 400 species - mostly plants and birds.

The last few days have provide two nice inverts:

The RDB2 cleptoparasitic digger wasp Nysson interruptus - a real Norfolk speciality (the only other recent UK records from the Isle of Wight), loafing on an apple leaf at the edge of the village.

Great silver diving beetle Hydrophilus piceus RDB3 - freshly dead on my doorstep this evening, apparently found by my step daughter in the garden yesterday. A common species on the grazing marshes down the road from where it must have flown. 

A careful count is required this weekend to come up with a reliable total.


Nysson interruptus male - Brundall 03/06/2013
An ex great silver diving beetle - found in my garden today

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