Thursday, June 13, 2013


It seems almost yesterday that I passed 500 species and already I am on the cusp of 600. I suppose this is because the moth trap is beginning to bring in lots of species all of a sudden. I haven't worked out how many species the trap is likely to tot up during a whole year. In good conditions in the summertime I've had 120-130 species in one night, so if there are plenty of good nights then this will really boost my total. I have also managed to tick off quite a few marsh plants because the hedges were trimmed which meant I was able to climb over a large wall into a previously unavailable wet field. Oh the joy of a good trespass!

531 Peach Blossom
532 Dark Spectacle
533 Common Wave
534 Least Carpet
535 Pinion-streaked Snout
536 Heart & Dart
537 Snout
538 Setaceous Hebrew Character
539 Small Square-spot
540 Lychnis
541 Apion radiolus (weevil on Mallow)
542 Water Bent
543 Greater White-toothed Shrew - flattened on the side of the road
544 Ragged Robin
545 Cuckooflower
546 Small Melilot
547 Garlic Chives (garden escape)
548 Marsh Foxtail
549 Crested Dog's-tail
550 Thistle Ermine
551 Buff Ermine
552 Orange Footman
553 Purple Bar
554 Large Yellow Underwing
555 Rustic Shoulder-knot
556 Middle-barred Minor
557 Oak-tree Pug
558 Grey Pug
559 Sandy Carpet
560 Coleophora albicosta (moth)
561 Beech (seedling)
562 White Poplar (seedling)
563 Bittersweet
564 Emperor Dragonfly - one of only four species of odonata that are likely for me - this one wouldn't move, I could have prodded it.

565 Prickly Lettuce
566 Chrysotuechia culmella (moth)
567 Common Stork's-bill
568 Southern Marsh Orchid - just one individual - a new site for the species
569 Fool's Water-cress
570 False Fox Sedge
571 Celery-leaved Buttercup
572 Hedge Woundwort
573 Scentless Mayweed
574 Yponomeuta padella (moth) (Larvae on Hawthorn)
575 Broken-barred Carpet

576 Anthocoris nemorum (bug)
577 Pendulous Sedge
578 Oedemera lurida (beetle)
579 Polydrusus formosus (weevil)
580 Ruby Tiger
581 Chinese Character
582 Syritta pipiens (hoverfly - the key in the new hoverfly book doesn't seem to work for this species so it caused me real trouble!)
583 Willow Redgall Sawfly (larva in gall)
584 Marbled Minor
585 Clouded Border
586 Epiblema cynosbatella (moth)
587 White-point
588 Ephestia parasitella (or whatever the hell it's called now) (moth)
589 L-album Wainscot
590 Ingrailed Clay
591 Common Marbled Carpet
592 Gladiolus communis ('Ruby-red Gladioli' - a relic from the once-massive flower-growing industry, now a common sight 'in the wild' all around the island)
593 Narrow-winged Pug
594 Epiblema trimaculana (a new species of moth for the garden!)
595 Scrobipalpa acuminatella (moth) (had to dissect this)
596 Monopsis crocicapitella (moth) (this too, to be sure it wasn't obviella)

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