Monday, June 17, 2013

Brundall TG3208 passes 500

Having mopped up the easy stuff, this week has been a struggle but yesterday sunshine, a day off work and a patch of hogweed in flower at the edge of the village all combined to provide a decent haul of inverts.

June 16th

489. Housemartin - amazingly scarce here these days.
490. Lesser whitethroat - a brief snatch of song.
491. Meadow vetchling - not quite in flower.
492. Lesser stitchwort.
493. Greater birdsfoot trefoil.
494. Panorpa germanica - a male and 2nd scoprion fly species on the list
495. Glyphipterix schoenicolella (micromoth) - on hogweed (unless I have got this wrong - see photo)

Glyphipterix schoenicolella - unless anyone knows better.
496. Plutella xylostella (micromoth) - on hogweed.
497. Pammeme aurana (micromoth) - on hogweed.
498. heart and club - the only moth in the trap!
499. Tenthredo maculata (sawfly)
500. Tenthredo mesomelas (sawfly)
501. Macrophya montana (sawfly)
502. Aglaostigma fulvipes (sawfly)
503. Four-coloured cuckoo bee Bombus sylvestris - a male on hogweed.
504. Andrena semilaevis (mining bee) - collecting pollen from rough chervil.
505. Lasioglossum pauxillum (mining bee) - swept from wild radish.
506. Lasioglossum smeathmanellum (mining bee) - swept from wild radish.
507. Crossocerus distinguendus (digger wasp) - swept from hazel leaves.
508. Crossocerus elongatus (digger wasp) - with previous species.
509. Ectemnius continuus (digger wasp) - on hogweed.
510. Pseudomalus auratus (jewel wasp) - on bramble leaves.
511. Stenodema calcarata (mirid bug) - helpful diagnostic teeth on hind femur.
512. Common blue damselfly - in the park.
513. Scarce chaser - several tenerals near the stream.
514. Oedemera nobilis - loads of these shiny beetles on hogweed.
515. Araniella curcurbitana (spider)- male confirmed by genitalia.
516. Tetragnatha montana (spider)- finally a mature individual.
517. Anasimyia transfuga (hoverfly) - on rough chervil.
518. Baccha elongata (hoverfly) - swept from grass.
519. Eristalis arbustorum (hoverfly) - on hogweed.
520. Chrysogaster solstitialis (hoverfly) - on rough chervil.
521. Leucozona lucorum (hoverfly) - on hogweed.
522. Melangyna compositarum (hoverfly) - lots on hogweed.
523. Scaeva pyrastri (hoverfly) - on wild radish.
524. Volucella bombylans (hoverfly) - on hogweed.
525. Common orange legionnaire Beris vallata.
526. Empis stercorea (fly) - my 4th Empis for the square.



  1. Hi Tim (under your pen name Ginnie!) Good work. Looks like Glyphipterix schoenicolella is pretty rare though - . Don't know if Black Bog-rush occurs on Strumpshaw Fen? Anyway, if you're going to prove it's not simpliciella (which is dirt common) you'll probably want to get a specimen checked? MBGBI2 says you need to look at the dorsal cilia of the hindwing (basal half white for schoen, all pale fuscous for simpliciella)

  2. P.S. So many wasps! How come I can hardly find any?