Friday, July 7, 2017

Dalgety Bay, fife - Is this the real flie ...

Another dipteran county first at lunchtime with the tephritid Anomoia purmunda swept from the shore-side vegetation. Only two other Scottish records exist on NBN but with larvae feeding in all kinds of berries from Hawthorn to Berberus it surely must be all over the area if it's here.

It was a good session with (finally!) Mesembrina meridiana and Scathophaga furcata putting in an appearance, along with a Sphegina which will need further examination to get to species.

A bit of focus on fungi produced only Gymnopus confluens, but with that the tenth fungal addition this month I'm not complaining.


730 Mesembrina meridiana A muscid fly
731 Collybia confluens A mushroom
732 Scathophaga furcata A Scathophagid fly
733 Aethes cnicana Thistle Conch
734 Anomoia purmunda A tephritid fly

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