Saturday, July 1, 2017

Waldridge end of June update

I'm beginning to be weather obsessed.
It's stopped raining after 4 days of dark skies and virtually non-stop peeing down. 6pm on Thursday and had to put the lights on in the house so we could see! It's only a few days past the longest day for Pete's sake.

Anyway the total stands at 778 (summary below), well ahead of 2013 (I was on 601 on 23rd June)   - and if the weather holds, with my sweep net and pooter,  I could get 800 by next weekend. Should even be able to get the moth trap out again

Keith Robson
Waldridge (VC66)


  1. Cracking tally so far, mate! Had my hoodie on beneath my coat just two days ago and the fire was lit for a coupla days too. Trust me, you aren't the only weather obsessive on this site!

  2. Crazy vascular plant and moth numbers! You'll beat my PSL total vascular plant total before end of July :D