Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Waldridge - Good old moths

 Still cursing the weather. All the good days and I'm out of the square doing things, and of course whenever I'm back at home it raining. As I always knew (and planned) I am heavily reliant on vascular plants and moths to get to the 1000 species. In fact with a bit of concentrated effort I think I could get 700 species on these two groups alone. I have the advantage of doing the 1000 species in a 1km square before, and in this square, so its easier for me than others, but I would be stuffed if I had to do it elsewhere.

Despite the rain, the moths in particular have been quite decent, pushing me over the 800 mark. A Painted Lady, got me to 20 butterflies with just two hairstreaks to go. Should really have had both by now.

The total to date

Keith Robson
Waldridge VC66


  1. Looks pretty much on track. I'm going to need to pick up the pace - could use a really good moth session but not sure the square has that much capacity anyway.

  2. Awesome tally, Keith! I really need to stop faffing about watching Sea Eagles and order myself a set of electrics for a moth trap. Did manage Rhagonycha fulva today though, first of the year for me.

    1. Head torch! 10 new additions first night out for a one hour walk - guaranteed ;)

    2. You're right Ali, I've picked up a few things since I started using mine that never come to light. Another tool in the PSL arsenal.