Monday, January 28, 2019

Cullaloe LNR, Fife - 400 up

So Cullaloe did indeed deliver 400 species before January's end. Remarkable. 61 new species added to the reserve list, which needs to be reviewed because I think there are actually more species recorded than are in the total list. That's going to be tedious and time-consuming though.

My first nocturnal visit on Friday night was precipitated by 10 degree weather, and I was rewarded with a couple of moffs on top of the spiders and slugs I actually went to find. I have I think 3 things in hand to potentially add but probably this will be more-or-less the January total.

Gratifying to add two worm species, which is two more than I ever intended.

February may be a bit quiet since I've recorded pretty much everything I know already!

Aegopinella nitidula

Tree Slug

Satchellius mammalis

390 R mollusc Lehmannia marginata Tree Slug
391 R lep-moth Phigalia pilosaria Pale Brindled Beauty
392 lep-moth Conistra vaccinii The Chestnut 
393 spider Drapetisca socialis A Linyphid spider
394 R M annelid Satchellius mammalis An earthworm
395 Fungus Lachnum virgineum A discomycete
396 coleoptera Pterostichus niger A Ground Beetle
397 mollusc Discus rotundatus Rotund Disc snail
398 millipede Cylindroiulus punctatus Blunt-tailed snake millipede
399 millipede Craspedosoma rawlinsi a Flat-backed Millipede
400 R mollusc Aegopinella nitidula A glass snail
401 R coleoptera Tachyporus hypnorum A Rove Beetle

Algae 1
Lichens 33
Fungi 67
Vascular 100
Bryophytes 53
Mollusc 11
Arachnida 23
Collembola 6
Hemiptera 5
Hymenoptera 3
Coleoptera 29
Diptera 4
Lepidoptera 4
Invert - Other 12
Vert - Birds 48
Vert - Other 2
Total 401

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