Monday, January 21, 2019

Cullaloe LNR, Fife - performance review: "exceeds expectations"

Cullaloe LNR from the hill above, over lots of Salix to slightly beyond those pines:

As it was when it all began in the 90s - I wish I'd seen it then!

The rip-roaring start to 2019 continues with quite a few additions over and above the "things that I knew were there and I'm just visiting them and writing them down" class of species. Amazingly the reserve had no annelids so I steeled myself and keyed one out, I think correctly. Until a grown-up redets it at least. Reserve list stands just shy of 1700, which would be a nice barrier to break. Hopefully the 1800 barrier will go this year too!



Lumbricus rubellus (hopefully)

2019 New to reserve: 53 species

Algae 1
Lichens 33
Fungi 63
Vascular 98
Bryophytes 53
Mollusc 6
Arachnida 21
Collembola 6
Hemiptera 5
Hymenoptera 3
Coleoptera 27
Diptera 4
Lepidoptera 2
Invert - Other 8
Vert - Birds 48
Vert - Other 2
Total 380

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