Monday, January 7, 2019

NT1887, Cullaloe LNR, Fife - here we go ...

Happy new year to all :)

So a fair old start to the year, with a good morning on 1st Jan and a few 1 hour sessions to do a basic cover of the reserve compartments. 200 came up on day one so got to be happy with that! Also a few additions to the reserve list which is a big part of the target this year. After two years on other locations I find myself coming refreshed to old ground and apparently with some new skills - always a relief. Some recon didn't hurt, either. Famous last words and all that but I should round out week 1 on over 300 tonight (300 now from photos and scribbled notes)

Bryophytes 1
Bryophytes 2
Bryophytes 3
There's no way I'm going to try to summarise the list so far so here's the numbers and one of my favourite odd beasts - the linyphiid Savignya frontata. Surreal! And very pleasingly one of three additions to the reserve's already quite decent spider list.

Edit: Gotta love iRecord when everything works. I think this may be a first county record for L.cineoroniger

Algae 1
Lichens 29
Fungi 54
Plants - Vascular 91
Plants - Bryo 46
Mollusc 3
Arachnida 11
Collembola 3
Hemiptera 2
Hymenoptera 2
Coleoptera 8
Diptera 2
Lepidoptera 1
Invert - Other 4
Vert - Birds 42
Vert - Other 1
Total 300

(updated 13:00)


  1. I reckon that there's probably 100 lifers for me in your 29 lichens, 54 fungi and 46 bryophytes!!

    1. Probably! Mind you, there have been a few for me too. Just getting time to figure it all out from scribbles on paper

  2. Good to see you're easing yourself back into it gently!!!! :D

    1. Yeah, you noticed I didn't start my second site, eh?

  3. Happy New Year, Ali. Are you sure you are 'only' going for 1500 this year!?

    1. Happy New Year :) Still my intention so far, but then I had no intention of getting to 1400 last year!