Thursday, January 10, 2019

Fife, Cullaloe LNR

Picking up a fair bit from a pile of grass and still processing things grabbed on New Year's day...

So what did you do at lunchtime? Erm ...

One of several piles of grass cuttings
One of my favourite things in the last few days, the hyphomycete Taeniolella stilbospora

though not as cute as an outbreak of Flammulina velutipes.

Numbers (R=new to reserve, M=new to me):
301 coleoptera Othius punctulatus
302 coleoptera Sitona lineatus
303 R collembola Protaphorura armata
304 spider Microneta viaria
305 coleoptera Stenus impressus
306 R coleoptera Andrion regensteinense
307 conifer Taxus baccata
308 R fern Polypodium vulgare
309 R M spider Micrargus herbigradus
310 coleoptera Exapion ulicis
311 mollusc Trochulus hispidus
312 bird Pica pica
313 bird Corvus
314 R coleoptera Paradromius linearis
315 spider Tenuiphantes cristatus
316 R spider Bathyphantes nigrinus
317 coleoptera Altica oleracea
318 coleoptera Anthobium unicolor
319 R M fungus Taeniolella stilbospora
320 R lichen Leptogeum plicatile

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