Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Inverkeithing, Fife - NT1382

A quickie lunchtime tour. Nothing out of the ordinary - just establishing a base for later lunchtime meanderings which are just to establish a base for vismigging later in the year! Probably won't do any moth-trapping here. May make 1000. May not (Probably will). If you were doing a vegetative survey much of the ground would have a high coverage of dog shit and Buckfast bottles. You watch where you put your feet here!

Much Divit bloggage can be found deep into geological time here: linky. It includes a page of the full 2019 list,

Preston Hill Quarry

Inverkeithing from Preston Hill

Los numeros de Divit:

Taxon Group Number of Taxa
bird 12
flowering plant 28
coleoptera 1
lichen 2
mollusc 1
moss 4
Total 48


  1. Looks from the photos as Divit should have some potential. Good luck.

    1. Ta. Definitely a backburner project. I'll be trying not to mess up my main target! But I was afraid I would miss the seaside