Friday, February 17, 2017

Bargoed Edgeland

Bargoed Edgeland
Gave myself an extra long dinner break and decided to visit a rough bit of ground known for its Ghost slug population. The site didn't disappoint, as it produced a Ghosty almost immediately. It didn't look to be in the best of shapes and it wouldn't extend.

Ghost Slug
The scarce Millipede Propolydesmus testaceus was seen in its usual high numbers, alongside another scarce Millipede Brachychaeteuma melanops.
Brachychaeteuma melanops
Further in was some hibernating Herald moths, counted 41 in all, a Cryptopa parisi and several Liverworts that covered much of the ground and walls...mostly Lunularia cruciata, Preissia quadrata and Pellia endiviifolia.

Herald Moths

Site of Hibernating Herald Moths
Cryptops parisi
Preissia quadrata
Lunularia cruciata
Cutting thought the fence to get onto the river produced a Goldcrest hunting through the Buddleja. Some fresh Otter spraint seen along the sewer pipe running along the there is one about.

Rhymney River

Otter Spraint
Scanning the large high walls for signs of life produced another Ghost slug. First time I've ever come across one out in the open like this, especially climbing? Not sure if this has been documented before?
Ghost Slug
Ghost Slug climbing wall

An Honey Bee sat out on a stone on upper banks of the river. While a Water Cricket and Amphibious Leech were found.
Water Cricket
Amphibious Leech

Honey Bee

173..Herring gull

174..Glomeris marginata (Millipede)

175..Boettgerilla pallens (Slug)

176..Propolydesmus testaceus (Millipede)

177..Selenochlamys ysbryda (Slug)

178..Brachychaeteuma melanops (Millipede)

179..Cryptops parisi (Centipede)

180..Hypericum androsaemum – Tutsan

181..Caltha palustris – Marsh Marigold


183..Allolobophora chlorotica (Earthworm)

184..Salmo trutta – Brown Trout

185..Mimulus guttatus – Monkey Flower

186..Scrophularia auriculata – Water Figwort

187..Apis mellifera – Honey Bee

188..Velia caprai – Water Cricket

189..Scoliopteryx libatrix – The Herald (Moth)

190..Lunularia cruciata (Lichen)

191..Rubus tricolour - Creeping Chinese Bramble

192..Rubus armeniacus - Himalayan blackberry

193..Lemna minor – Common Duckweed

194..Preissia quadrata (Liverwort)

195..Pellia endiviifolia – (Liverwort)

196..Plagiomnium undulatum – Moss

197..Trocheta subviridis (Leech)


  1. I've given up trying to edit this post. Its all over the shop and bits missing...just making things worse the more i try. :(

  2. Doesn't matter mate, just seeing that first pic brought back a lot of happy memories! Guess that building with the high wall is officially haunted now by that Ghost Slug :)

  3. Twas a good day mate, not one i'm going to forget in an hurry. :)