Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dalgety Bay, NT1582: All the small things

Rummaging around in the woods yesterday I managed to pick up a bit of this and that and was on my way back to the car when I had a thought that some woodlice I saw may not have been O.asellus. It's not a group I have a lot of familiarity with outside a handful of species so I turned back to take a second look.

Turned out this was fortunate as I noticed a small spiky ball on the edge of the stone I turned to pick some specimens from. A quick handlens examination came up trumps with a Spiny Snail (Acanthinula aculeata) and alongside it another small snail. Double the size of the first but still pretty tiny - Lauria cylindracea. Still on the same small stone the size wars continued as there was also Punctum pygmaeum. A lovely trio of tiny snails, like some kind of Mollusc nouvelle cuisine. All went into the smallest pot with oodles of space to spare.

And the numbers bit:

Class Jan Feb
Verts 40 54
Inverts 54 89
Plants 69 88
Fungi 65 71
Algae 8 13
Total 236 315


  1. Enjoying your musically-orientated blog titles! And I'm wel jel of that Acanthinula, yet to see one (not for lack of trying)

  2. With Seth on that snail...nice. I've been hunting hard for that one and have only once found an empty shell.

  3. Maybe it helps that I'm incredibly short sighted!