Sunday, February 19, 2017

Brithdir Bank

Gave this area a look over today. Most of the large trees have been cleared by Network Rail, log piles every where...out of photo. Picked up several beetles (which made my day as i was beginning to think Beetles had all but vanished from my square), some Pseudo's and a few other things. Taking me to 233 with still a few things to check through...

198..Crocosmia x crocosmifolia (Monbretia)
199..Geum urbanum – Herb Bennet
200..Pholcus phalangioides (Spider)
201..Eiseniella tetraedra (Earthworm)
202..Stigmatogaster subterranea (Centipede)
203..Urtica dioica - Nettle
204..Microplana scharffi (Flatworm)
205..Tomocerus minor (Springtail)
206..Sabacon viscayanum subsp ramblaianum (Harvestman)
207..Trochila ilicina (Fungi)
Trochila ilicina - Holly Speckle
208..Bembidion lampros (Beetle)
209..Hylebainosoma nontronensis (Millipede)
Hylebainosoma nontronensis
210..Hyacinthoides non-scripta – Bluebell
211..Cepaea nemoralis (Snail)
212..Schizophyllum commune (Fungi)
Schizophyllum commune
213..Neobulgaria pura (Fungi)
214..Dicyrtoma fusca (Springtail)
215..Anacaena globulus (Beetle)
216..Cartodere nodifer (Beetle)
217..Lachnum virgineum (Fungi)
218..Tychus niger (Beetle)
219..Megalothorax minimus (Springtail)
220..Bembidion tetracolum (Beetle)
221..Neobisium carcinoides (Pseudoscorpion)
222..Roncus lubricus (Pseudoscorpion)
Roncus lubricus (Pseudoscorpion)
223..Hypoxylon fuscum (Fungi)
224..Neanura muscorum (Springtail)
225..Sitta europaea – Nuthatch
226..Buteo buteo – Buzzard
227..Strigamia crassipes (Centipede)
Strigamia crassipes
228..Ocys harpaloides (Beetle)
229..Medon brunneus (Beetle)
230..Metzgeria furcata (Liverwort)
231..Lophocolea bidentata (Liverwort)
Lophocolea bidentata and Rhizomnium punctatum
232..Rhizomnium punctatum (Moss)
233..Platynus assimilis (Beetle)
Platynus assimilis       


  1. Glad you found the Cartodere, Christian. Without checking out to see what that looked like I probably would have struggled a lot with mine!

  2. Glad to be of some assistance there Ali. I've come across it several time now, think this was the first time I recognized it in the field? Did try to get some photos but they were all abysmal.