Sunday, February 12, 2017

NT1582, Dalgety Bay - back on track

Getting back into the swing after a week in warmer climes to thaw out.

A few additions and an easterly blow providing some commoner seabirds and no exotica (Gannet, Fulmar, Larger Auks).

This Verrucaria mucosa was on some smooth rocks with a prominent white prothallus.

Sadly this nice limpet was an empty shell (like a good amount of molluscs on site), but hopefully a live one can be located at some point.

The latest additions:

265 Morus bassanus Gannet
266 Fulmarus glacialis Fulmar
267 Alca torda Razorbill
268 Anas penelope Wigeon
269 Mytilus edulis Common Mussel
270 Verrucaria mucosa A lichen

1 comment:

  1. Verrucaria mucosa? There's one for me to look out for, ta mate!