Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Group expands to four.


Mostly as a means to make myself explore British wildlife in more detail (even including Bryophytes, yuck) I have decided to join this madcap 1000 for 1KSQ challenge.
My square is ST52 17 which is where I work so I will visit it all too frequently. It is a fairly normal lowland farmland square near Yeovil without - alas - any major waterbodies.
With my current level of knowledge I expect 1000 will actually be quite a tall order but we shall.

A quick summation of my records so far this year gives me a commanding 'Wooden Spoon' position with an exceptionally meagre 86 species recorded.

These are made up of the following;

Fungi                                4
Bryophyte                         1   Yes, managed to key out my 1st Bryophyte ever
Vascular Plants                 28
Molluscs                           4
Annelids                           2
Myriapods                        1
Butterflies                        2
Hymenoptera                    2
Birds                                39
Mammals                          3  


  1. Welcome to the madness! Share your pain re bryophytes.

  2. I'm starting to really enjoy them now! What was the bryophyte, out of interest?

  3. Was it the small one or the green one? I always get those two mixed up...

    1. It was very green.
      Common Liverwort Ssp ruderalis.