Friday, May 12, 2017

Dalgety Bay, Fife - 550

550 up with one new fungus last night. Spent a bit of time identifying another fungus only to notice this morning that I recorded it in March!

Sphaeropsis sapinea on Scots pine cone

immature spores growing

mature spores

Microsphaeria viburni
Microsphaeria viburni
Yesterday lunchtime I found a dead mouse on the patch but only attended by Calliphoras vicina and vomitoria at that time. I'll revisit it today and see if it's (a) still there and (b) attended by anything more interesting (i.e. Silphidae). Have to improve my measly record of one!

Numbers bit:
542 Bibio marci St Marks Fly
543 Beris chalybata Murky-legged Black Legionnaire
544 Acyrthosiphon pisum Pea aphid
545 Cantharis decipiens A soldier beetle
546 Liocoris tripustulatus A mirid bug
547 Heliophanus cupreus A jumping spider
548 Gastrophysa polygoni A leaf beetle
549 Catops nigricans  A beetle
550 Microsphaeria viburni A powdery mildew


  1. These dead creatures seem quite productive. Think I may have to go out with a shovel and look for some road kill. Several people have had Oiceoptoma thoracicum lately on carcasses.

    1. I want to use a lot of techniques during this challenge so I'm aiming for some meat baited traps. Quite fancy a rotten fish baited one. I have to solve the problem of the bait not being "stolen" but someone must have solved this before

    2. Bucket, wire mesh, cable ties. Sorted!

    3. I feel like wire mesh should involved. Presumably I can buy a square metre from b&q or wherever. I have heard of upturned supermarket basket being used, but I don't have any of those!