Thursday, May 25, 2017

Skye - Joining the UK600 Club

Made it over 600 at last! First up were a bunch of hoverflies from woodland and a couple of gall-causing mites on the 23rd May

Eriophyes laevis - common on Alder leaves
Rhingia campestris with fully extended proboscis
Also a couple of microfungi that were both lifers for me

Puccinia heraclei on the underside of Hogweed leaflets and petioles
Colonies of Plasmopara nivea on the underside of Cow Parsley leaves
And again - looking utterly bizarre under the microscope!
I built myself a light trap yesterday evening, absolutely nothing in it this morning so will have to jig around with the set-up a bit. Did find these a few days back though

Micropterix calthella - a familiar sight at this time of year
Just need some moffs n stuff now...
No idea about this though - Fungal? Bacterial? Just fancied a change?

Strangely blanched Hogweed leaves, quite a few plants like this in Uig Woods

Additions since the last update -

591 again (after deleting Microvelia...) - Myathropa florea (hoverfly, new for Skye I think)
592 - Rhingia campestris (hoverfly)
593 - Aceria pseudoplatani (mite on Sycamore)
594 - Eriophyes laevis (mite on Alder)
595 - Puccinia heraclei (microfungus on Hogweed) - Lifer
596 - Eared Willow (plant)
597 - Micropterix calthella (microlep)
598 - Helophilus pendulus (hoverfly)
599 - Melanostoma scalare (hoverfly)
600 - Plasmopara nivea (microfungus on Cow Paesley) - Lifer
601 - Wild Angelica (plant)
602 - Common Ragwort (plant)
603 - Barynotus moerens (weevil) - Lifer
604 - Common Milkwort (plant)
605 - Welsh Poppy (naturalised plant)

Also a STACK of stuff on pins awaiting identification whenever I manage to get back to my books. Massively frustrating not being able to identify so many hoverflies any further than genus!


  1. Well done Seth. Very close at the top at the moment. Reminds me of a Hockenheim 250cc MotoGP I once watched.

  2. Hogweed definitely looks poorly! Can't believe I haven't seen a Rhingia yet. So many hovers I would usually have seen in my normal grassland haunts. On the other hand a change of scene means some cracking new ones