Thursday, May 25, 2017

Here come the moths

Back from Greece and an awful lot of listing to do. Way behind on my blog and a fridge full of wee things to id sometime.
With me bringing the warm weather back from holiday the moths have eventually woken up (it had been a very slow season until the last few days),  as have the Butteflies and the first Odonata. From way behind, three days of 20C+ sunny days have brought me back on track.

Here's where I'm at and I could well get to 600 before the end of the month if the weather holds,  courtesy of a round box with a 125 watt Mercury vapour lamp on top,

Keith Robson
Waldridge (VC66)


  1. Welcome back Keith. Looks like you have been busy since you got back.

  2. Thanks for bringing the summertime to Skye, woke the midges up if nothing else! :D