Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Skye - New plant for VC104

Yesterday I spied a wee plant growing in an abandoned patch of grassland which keyed through to Bronze Pirri-pirri-burr Acaena anserinifolia. Happily the BSBI Recorder agrees and tells me it's new for the vice county! Read my blogpage for the full story, here's a pic of the brute to whet your appetite.

Bronze Pirri-pirri-burr Acaena anserinifolia
 Also, the mystery leaves from a few weeks ago have metamorphosed into things of stunning beauty

Hybrid Monkeyflower Mimulus x robertsii
Microfungi continue to provide me with a ready supply of additions for the square, recent days have included Meadowsweet Rust Triphragmium ulmariae, Raspberry Rust Phragmidium rubi-idaei and Campion Anther Smut Microbotryum violaceum

Meadowsweet Rust Triphragmium ulmariae
Gotta love a bit of smut...
I realised that I'd somehow accidentally skipped Red Clover and Creeping Buttercup from the tally. Genuine 'new' additions include Sea Plantain, Babington's Orache, Wood Speedwell, Kidney Vetch and the utterly gorgeous Sea Milkwort

Sea Plantain - still looking a bit floppy at the moment
Sea Milkwort - such a little stunner!
Also slowly moving stuff from the fridge to the storebox but not really sat down to work with them yet. New insects for me this week include Tipula maxima, Chrysolina staphylaea and Agonopterix ciliella

Tipula maxima - 2nd record from Skye apparently

Additions since last update - 

606 - Agonopterix ciliella (microlep) - Lifer
607 - Tipula maxima (cranefly) - Lifer
608 - Grey Pug (moth)
609 - Mitopus morio (harvestman)
610 - Chrysolina staphylaea (leaf beetle) - Lifer
611 - Meadowsweet Rust (microfungus) - Lifer
612 - Bronze Pirri-pirri-burr (plant) - Lifer
613 - Campion Anther Smut (microfungus)
614 - Red Clover (plant)
615 - Raspberry Rust (microfungus)
616 - Creeping Buttercup (plant)
617 - Wood Speedwell (plant)
618 - Kittiwake (bird)
619 - Babington's Orache (plant)
620 - Sea Milkwort (plant)
621 - Sea Plantain (plant)
622 - Kidney Vetch (plant)
623 - Hybrid Monkeyflower (plant) - Lifer

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  1. Bronze Pirri-pirri-burr is a cracking name. Nice find.