Monday, May 8, 2017

Dalgety Bay, Fife - Scorpion Fly (and germanica at that!)

First of the year and a collection of other nice goodies over the weekend (but mostly Friday!)

This hover threw me in the (dirty!) pot when I assumed it was a female. Immediately out the pot and obviously a male I followed the trail to Dasysyprhus pinastri after using three hover books. Not often that happens! The European one (van Veen) was the one that did the trick best.

Numbers bit:
525 Dasysyrphus pinastri A hoverfly
526 Brachycaudus lychnidis black campion aphid
527 Ranunculus repens Creeping Buttercup
528 Microchrysa polita Black-horned Gem
529 Esperia sulphurella Sulphur Tubic
530 Glyphipterix simpliciella Cocksfoot Moth
531 Dolerus gonager A sawfly
532 Elachista argentella Swan-feather Dwarf
533 Nemopoda nitidula A Sepsid Fly
534 Siphona geniculata A tachinid fly
535 Panorpa germanica A scorpion fly

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