Saturday, March 24, 2018

Better than last year

Better that is in my terms - still way off the pace of the rest of you.
Thorne is now on 224 species whereas last year at the end of March I was only on 207 species.

Eype is still very slow going with the weather really holding things up. The highlight of the square is the nearly 1km length of soft cliffs but they are so wet and liable to slippage at the moment I havn't set foot on them yet this year. For the record Eype is now on 178 species.

Two Sandwich Terns at Eype this morning holds some hope that Spring is finally arriving.


  1. Think of all the goodies we'll get at Eype on June 10th, Pete!

  2. Hang on - there's an Eype meeting???? Why wasn't I notified of this? ;)

  3. I thought you were!!
    When Tim first joined up he mentioned he was visiting Exmoor in June but might get to Eype at that time too. Looks like its happening!

  4. I could always visit Dalgety Bay on my way to or coming back from Skye, then I'll have the set.

  5. What are your guys plans in terms of travel in June. Eype would be awesome but a non-starter for me. Roll on retirement!

  6. Strongly agree with Ali re retirement!
    For me June travel is 'just' the 4 day mad dash to Skye. (and possibly a day trip to Exmoor)

  7. I've got a week on Exmoor June 9th-15th, inc meeting up with Pete on the 10th. For the Scotland trip, depending on the weather, I'll probably meander up for a couple of days, and then meander back for a couple of days as well. Hope to see some of the stuff on Ben Lawers, but only if it's not raining/blowing a gale. Might spend a couple of days around Lindisfarne if the sun shines.

    1. You know Ben Lawers is in Scotland, right? ;)