Monday, March 12, 2018

Moths trickling in...

Nice to see just a few moths trickling in over the last couple of nights. Best has been another Mottled Grey, but Oak Beauty, Satellite, March Moth, Chestnut, Early Moth and Dotted Border have all put in appearances, along with another couple of Great Diving Beetles.

Up to 409 now, including three lifers from the garden (asterisked).

401 Eupsilia transversa Lepidoptera:moths The Satellite 10/03/2018
402 Biston strataria Lepidoptera:moths Oak Beauty 10/03/2018
403 * Paradelia intersecta Diptera Anthomyiidae 10/03/2018
404 Alsophila aescularia Lepidoptera:moths March Moth 10/03/2018
405 * Triphleba lugubris Diptera Phoridae 10/03/2018
406 * Cacopsylla melanoneura Hemipteroids Psylliade 10/03/2018
407 Emmelina monodactyla Lepidoptera:moths Common Plume 11/03/2018
408 Clubiona subtilis Arachnids Clubionidae 11/03/2018
409 Ganoderma australe Fungi Southern Bracket 11/03/2018


  1. Nice collection. At this rate we could have three on 500 spp before end of March

  2. Tackling the Horrid Phorids, huh? Brave chap, I hear they're a bit of a nightmare.

  3. Only the easier ones Seth. Many will either not be looked at or will waste an hour of my life before going in the bin.