Thursday, March 29, 2018

Quiz time for Ali and comparison with 2013

Well, as there's still not much going on in my neck of the woods, here's an easy one for Ali to get:

Additions since my last post are:

451 Pogonognathellus longicornis Springtail Collembola 25/03/2018
452 Elachiptera cornuta Diptera Chloropidae 25/03/2018
453 Neomyia cornicina Diptera Muscidae 25/03/2018
454 Andrena flavipes Hymenoptera Andrenidae 25/03/2018
455 Bombus lucorum s.l. Hymenoptera White-tailed Bumblebee 25/03/2018
456 Melangyna lasiophthalma Diptera Syrphidae 26/03/2018
457 Haematopus ostralegus Birds Oystercatcher 28/03/2018
458 Phaonia subventa Diptera Muscidae 29/03/2018
459 Pollenia angustigena Diptera Calliphoridae 29/03/2018
460 Bombus hypnorum Hymenoptera Tree Bumblebee 29/03/2018
461 Botanophila fugax Diptera Anthomyiidae 29/03/2018

And just to prove I've got too much time on my hands, here's the rough progression of the scores from Andy Musgrove in 2013 (taken from his blog, no entries for Aug-Nov that I could see). His total of 1406 is still the highest for a full year:

28/01/2013 - 158
28/02/2013 - 217
31/03/2013 - 261
29/04/2013 - 400
26/05/2013 - 612
30/06/2013 - 904
23/07/2013 - 1115
31/12/2013 - 1406

Two points - three of us are double or getting on for double what Andy was on at the end of March, and then look at the huge increases in Andy's totals in May, June and July. So I'm still looking forward to the warmer weather!


  1. Whilst I think about it I've got a full set of clearwing pheromone lures - but I don't think you get any up in Skye? Is Thrift Clearwing a possibility?

  2. Looking at Moths of GB and Ireland by Waring it appears that none are recorded on Skye. However 3 species (Lunar Hornet, Large Red-belted and Welsh) have occurred close by. Perhaps may be present but no-one has tried any lures?

  3. There almost certainly are clearwings on Skye, there has been SO LITTLE done on moths up here away from light traps. Just found Glyphipterix haworthana entirely 'new' to Skye this afternoon, for example! Bring the lures, who knows what you may discover!

  4. fugax was one of the commoner flies in my square last year, but I don't have it this year yet. I'm optimistic we'll do well over two nights with four traps with moths, and they're one of the groups not needing a ton of lab time too

  5. I don't think I'll be having any 200+ months, but you never know. My steady pace last year was about 3 species per day. One thing that has changed this year is that a lot of things i can identify because I saw them last year. I might manage 3.5/day ;)