Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dalgety Bay - end of month (ish)

Not many photographable or photogenic species added of late so here's a nice landscape looking east  from my autumn vismig spot. I may or may not squeak over the line to 550 before month end (I did - edited) but I'll be away from a PC until April.

Until then today's sunshine saw Coltsfoot in flower, flies all over, A jumping spider, and lots of spring feeling. Hoorah!

541 bird Gallinula chloropus Moorhen
542 flowering plant Alliaria petiolata Garlic mustard
543 flowering plant Epilobium montanum Broad-leaved Willowherb
544 diptera Lasiomma seminitidum A flower fly
545 diptera Dasysyrphus venustus A hoverfly
546 bird Passer montanus Tree Sparrow
547 collembola Orchesella cincta A springtail
548 bird Buteo buteo Common Buzzard
549 spider Salticus scenicus A spider
550 flowering plant Cochlearia danica Danish Scurvygrass


  1. If you keep going at this rate Ali you'll smash the record. However, I'm still waiting patiently for the insects to get going. Roll on May...

  2. Moorhen - complete Skye mega, would love one of those over here (I ain't kiddin!) Bravo on 550, it was warm here too today, but I was out of my square so missed any action. Brilliant total, I have to you plan to hit 1000 inside of the first half of the year??? :)

  3. Tim, if that's you on slow insects I'm excited to see full on insects

  4. Maybe Ali can get 1000 in the first six months and then the main target would be 1408 (to beat the web host)within a year.

  5. Don't be daft, at the rate you folks are going the only question is how many pass 2000, or even 3000. The only real question is whether you're bloody-minded enough to keep going til 31st Dec...

  6. I fear Ali has already succumbed to the Muzza Madness, Tim is clearly exhibiting early symptoms too. It's only me 'n Pete keeping it real this year ;)

  7. I anticipate c.100 spp / month and falling behind Andy's progress by end June. Or 150/month and reaching the 1000. Doesn't seem entirely unreasonable but 5 spp/day average over three months is possibly a stretch