Thursday, April 26, 2018

300 up at Eype

With the recent improvement in the weather numbers of species have finally started to take off at Eype. (I expect this square to be significantly better than Thorne over the whole year - but it has been very slow getting started!) Anyway now on 308 for the year.
Lots of posts of photos of diptera recently so thought I would add another.
Mesembrina meridiana taken at Thorne earlier today.

For the record Thorne now on 351.


  1. Even though it's really still pretty cool in Norfolk at the moment, you can sense that insects just want to have fun and things should explode soon. And Eype is probably a better place than most, I would say. Have you scored on some of the rarer coleoptera and hymenoptera there in the past, Pete? Had my first Mesembrina in the garden today, so clearly an emergence!

    1. This year will be my first try with Hymenoptera at Eype so will have to wait and see.
      Regarding Coleoptera, not done much recording at Eype either but have seen the Tiger Beetle and a couple of Iris Weevils there.

  2. Got to love a Mesembrina. I think Tim will get 1000 flies this year!