Monday, April 30, 2018

Weather stops play

Have hardly been out for the last three days, today is particularly vile with gales, rain and cold. Did manage to see a bit before the latest bout of awful weather. It is meant to improve from tomorrow onwards, but things are way behind. A very unscientific analysis of data compared to 2014 shows 43 species of moth so far (454 in the whole of 2014), whereas beetles and flies are already ahead of my whole of 2014 totals (119/104 and 111/100 respectively). But that's mainly because I can now identify far more of the latter groups, of course. Anyway, here's what I've seen recently:

657 Betulapion simile Coleoptera Apionidae
658 Diaphora mendica Lepidoptera:moths Muslin Moth
659 Potentilla anserina Vascular Plants Silverweed
660 Muscari armeniacum Vascular Plants Garden Grape-hyacinth
661 Lamium maculatum Vascular Plants Spotted Dead-nettle
662 Cepaea hortensis Molluscs White-lipped Snail
663 * Phorbia fumigata Diptera Anthomyiidae
664 Puccinia urticata Fungi Nettle Rust
665 Elytrigia repens Vascular Plants Common Couch
666 Syrphus torvus Diptera Syrphidae
667 * Melangyna cincta Diptera Syrphidae
668 Atomaria basalis Coleoptera Cryptohagidae
669 Hypomma bituberculatum Arachnids Linyphiidae: Marsh Nob-head spider
670 Myrmica ruginodis Hymenoptera Ant
671 Fannia lepida Diptera Fanniidae
672 * Nematus lucidus Hymenoptera Symphyta
673 Nomada flava Hymenoptera Flavous Nomad Bee
674 * Hebecnema umbratica Diptera Muscidae
675 * Tephrochlamys tarsalis Diptera Heleomyzidae
676 * Nematus leucotrochus Hymenoptera Symphyta


  1. Fantastic effort on flies and beetles. Also ... don't think I didn't notice another Fannia sneaking in.

  2. Well spotted, Ali, I thought I could sneak it through. Given it's one of the commenest Fannias you'd have thought Fonseca could have found a way of not relegating it to Couplet 113 of 114, though.

  3. Good going Tim. Yes this weather is really not helping - last Fridays mothing session at Eype returned no moths at all!
    Still seeing Dotted Bee Fly in the sunny intervals.

  4. Very impressive, if we get a hot summer you're gonna smash 2K!