Wednesday, April 4, 2018

500 up in Norfolk

A couple of warmer days have produced an increase in insects, sign of things to come I hope. The most impressive beast is one I catch quite a few of in my light trap - Hydrophilus piceus, the Great Silver Water Beetle, one of the biggest beetles in Britain

Just flushed a bonus Woodcock from a local copse, thought I might have missed them this year. The garden list has now hit exactly 1800 species. Here's the species seen since my last post:

479 Nicrophorus humator Coleoptera Black Sexton Beetle 02/04/2018
480 Poecilochirus carabi Arachnids Mites on Nicrophorus beetles 02/04/2018
481 Amara aenea Coleoptera Carabidae 03/04/2018
482 Ranunculus ficaria Vascular Plants Lesser Celandine 03/04/2018
483 Bombus pratorum Hymenoptera Early Bumblebeee 03/04/2018
484 Meliscaeva auricollis Diptera Syrphidae 03/04/2018
485 Ophion scutellaris Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae 03/04/2018
486 Diurnea fagella Lepidoptera:moths March Tubic 03/04/2018
487 Anotylus tetracarinatus Coleoptera Staph. 03/04/2018
488 Lithophane hepatica Lepidoptera:moths Pale Pinion 03/04/2018
489 Hydrophilus piceus Coleoptera Great Silver Water Beetle 03/04/2018
490 Pterostichus madidus Coleoptera Black Clock Beetle 03/04/2018
491 Agonum muelleri Coleoptera Carabidae 03/04/2018
492 Sylvia atricapilla Birds Blackcap 04/04/2018
493 Trifolium repens Vascular Plants White Clover 04/04/2018
494 Vicia sativa Vascular Plants Common Vetch 04/04/2018
495 Scathophaga suilla Diptera Scathophagidae 04/04/2018
496 Hebecnema nigra Diptera Muscidae 04/04/2018
497 Aglais urticae Lepidoptera:butterflies Small Tortoiseshell 04/04/2018
498 Aglaostigma aucupariae Hymenoptera Symphyta 04/04/2018
499 Eudasyphora cyanicolor Diptera Muscidae 04/04/2018
500 Scolopax rusticola Birds Woodcock 04/04/2018
501 Myosotis sylvatica Vascular Plants Wood Forget-me-not 04/04/2018
502 Epilobium parviflorum Vascular Plants Hoary Willowherb 04/04/2018
503 Oxalis articulata Vascular Plants Pink-sorrel 04/04/2018
504 Sonchus oleraceus Vascular Plants Smooth Sow-thistle 04/04/2018


  1. Congrats on the halfway. I've escaped winter for the weekend!

  2. Yes, Well done Tim on the 500. Things finally starting to accelerate.
    But to get to 5th of April having only seen 4 butterflies (of 3 species) in total is very slow going.

    1. Butterflies? Yeah, I think I heard of those.

      Great tally, I expect you to accelerate into the distance and show us all how this 1K thing is meant to be done. Best of luck!

  3. I have yet to see one butterfly! Also though I have heard two Bmobus sp. I haven't had one in front of me yet!