Thursday, April 12, 2018

More diving beetles

One of the nice things of living near the Broads is the number of the larger diving beetles that come to you (well, your light trap). Following on from the mega fall of Hydrophilus piceus and several Dytiscus marginalis recently was this nice Dytiscus circumflexus ("the Wasp") this morning.

I have had a couple of Dytiscus dimidiatus in previous years, hope to see one of those this year. Other than that it's been rather quiet the past few days, with cold winds, persistent sea fog and heavy clouds, so I hope the forecast of warmer weather proves to be correct. Summer migrants should start to arrive in force? Now up to 550 species (101 species of beetle).

540 Symplecta stictica Diptera Limoniidae 07/04/2018
541 Stenodema trispinosa Hemipteroids Miridae 09/04/2018
542 Stygnocoris sabulosus Hemipteroids Lygaeidae 09/04/2018
543 Tachyporus pallidus Coleoptera Staphylinidae 09/04/2018
544 Anopheles maculipennis agg. Diptera Culicidae 07/04/2018
545 Calathus rotundicollis Coleoptera Carabidae 10/04/2018
546 Philodromus aureolus Arachnids Philodromidae 10/04/2018
547 Stephostethus lardarius Coleoptera Lathridiidae 10/04/2018
548 Tetragnatha obtusa Arachnids Tetragnathidae 10/04/2018
549 Dytiscus circumflexus Coleoptera Dytiscidae 11/04/2018
550 Sylvicola fenestralis Diptera Anisopodidae 07/04/2018

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  1. Fantastic! Weather's miserable up here again. Just a horrible year weather-wise so far.