Monday, April 16, 2018

Hymenoptera coming out to play...

Blimey, saw some sun today, that's been a rare event over the last couple of months. Mothing and birding still slow but diptera and hymenoptera are picking up pace. Lots of Andrenas hunting over the local gardens today. Forecast is for temperatures into the 20s over the next few days.

551 Andrena minutula Hymenoptera Andrenidae: Common Mini-miner 05/04/2018
552 Tritomegas bicolor Hemipteroids Pied Shieldbug 13/04/2018
553 Philonthus albipes Coleoptera Staph. 13/04/2018
554 Lepus europaeus Mammals Brown Hare 14/04/2018
555 Muntiacus reevesi Mammals Muntjac 14/04/2018
556 Palomena prasina Hemipteroids Green Shieldbug 14/04/2018
557 Campanula trachelium Vascular Plants Nettle-leaved Bellflower 14/04/2018
558 Andrena fulva Hymenoptera Andrenidae: Tawny Mining Bee 14/04/2018
559 Andrena haemorrhoa Hymenoptera Andrenidae: Early Mining Bee 14/04/2018
560 Bibio johannis Diptera Bibionidae 14/04/2018
561 Phyllobius pyri Coleoptera Curculonidae 14/04/2018
562 Andrena clarkella Hymenoptera Andrenidae: Clarke's Mining Bee 14/04/2018
563 Pegoplata infirma Diptera Anthomyiidae 14/04/2018
564 Lasius niger Hymenoptera Black Ant 15/04/2018
565 Pterostichus niger Coleoptera Carabidae 15/04/2018
566 Inachis io Lepidoptera:butterflies The Peacock 16/04/2018
567 Bombylius major Diptera Dark-edged Bee-fly 16/04/2018
568 Cheilosia albipila Diptera Syrphidae 16/04/2018
569 Melanostoma scalare Diptera Syrphidae 16/04/2018
570 Pieris napi Lepidoptera:butterflies Green-veined White 16/04/2018
571 Platycheirus albimanus Diptera Syrphidae 16/04/2018
572 Vespula germanica Hymenoptera German Wasp 16/04/2018
573 Lasioglossum calceatum Hymenoptera Lasioglossum - Common Furrow Bee 16/04/2018


  1. Yes great to have some sunshine, with 2 new Andrena (Fulva + Cineraria) for me too.
    Crikey I might even get to 300 by the end of the month!

  2. I suspect your hymenoptera list will pretty quickly eclipse my year target! I can only dream of pied shieldbug but a Bee Fly on the same day isn't bad. It's windy, grey and showery here today. I'll give it four hours to get its act together!